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Costin Nita-Tanase

CMO | Marketing Consultant | Martech Expert

Hi, my name is Costin.

And I’m obsessed with challenges.

Whether it’s growing a startup from Zero to Hero, or taking an established business from Hero to SuperHero.

“It’s not about the destination, it’s the journey”

Except when the destination is profit.

MVP, Growth Hacking, Value Proposition, Sales Funnels… it’s all fun and games. They’re processes we have to go through. But they’re also just a means to an end.

Because what it really comes down to is RESULTSMore customers. More sales. Higher Customer Lifetime Value…

I hate “awareness” campaigns. You know, ads that just say “Hey, I exist!”.

What I focus on – is performance. Real, measurable data so you know your business is going in the right direction.

Proven-to-work marketing campaigns that generate leads and convert them into buyers. All on autopilot. (thanks to marketing automation)

If this is something that YOU want for your business, then get in touch with me.

Unified Internet Marketing Strategy

It’s not just SEO, PPC, Social Media or an optimized Website. It’s all about the right MIX that works best for your market. That’s why I focus on delivering strategic marketing solutions that bring in multiple revenue streams. This way, if Google releases another SEO update, you can rest assured your business will not fail.


Any business. Anything digital. I deliver.

Are you a Startup?
  • Are you prepared get your prospects excited and engaged in your business idea, position it uniquely in the market, then turn it into a success story?
  • Let me take you through the proven-to-work Lean methodologies and growth hacking strategies that have helped startups such as Airbnb and Uber become successful.
Are you a Small Business?
  • You've managed to build a business that's working for you. That's great! Few manage to do this. Now, it's time to take it to the next level.
  • I will help you scale your business and make it MORE profitable by optimizing your current processes, finding new sources of revenue and monetizing your assets in the most profitable way possible.
Are you an Established Business?
  • Your business is working great. You have marketing systems in place that work well. However, you want MORE. The harsh truth is that most businesses don't realize how much money they're actually LOSING by not monetizing their existing assets in the most efficient way.
  • This is where I come in. I'll develop a complete, step-by-step personalized strategy to optimize your conversion rates, increase your overall profit, and find new sources of growth to fully dominate your competition.

Here's How I Can Skyrocket Your Business

Create Beautiful, High-Converting Websites that turn Visitors into Buyers

Uncover the Most Profitable & Consistent Traffic Sources in your Market

Optimize your Conversion Rates through my Proven-to-Work Methodology

Develop a Value Proposition that turns Visitors into Loyal, Lifetime Customers

Write Compelling Copy that Gets your Prospects to Take out their Wallets and Buy

Greatly Increase your Profits using Advanced Backend Monetization Strategies

Increase your User Retention and CLV through Engaging Email Marketing Tactics

Design a Comprehensive Content Marketing Strategy that brings more Traffic and Leads

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